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Monday , October 2 , 2000


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Poe creator of Exploitation Now

Previous Contributors to PMP:
Dave Kelly, creator of:Living In Greytown


Jack Spencer creator of:
The J Files


Presenting, Post mortem Pizza a 100% guest driven comic!
Basically, every week, an artist from some other comic draws
a strip and we show it. Oooh. Its like that game where one person
makes a starting sentence and the next person continues the story.
Same theory, only more morbid and funnier.

And if you're a webcomic artist, just let me know
and you too can submit a strip to PMP!

and you're probably curious about what you need to know if you want
to submit your own strip....

Criteria for PMP strips:

The art and joke and strip are all up to you,
anything goes,
go as low as you want, or as sick as you want.
Or maybe not even sick at all, doesn't matter
The format doesn't have to follow the last comic
before yours, you can draw the panels anyway you want
the subject matter can be about anything you want.
We're talking total artistic freedom here.
just make sure:
a.) it's funny
b.) it deals with post mortem pizza and anything related
c.) it's FUNNY

and remember! Death Never Tasted better!